Since 1981 we have been operating in the sector of professional artisan breadmaking and pastry making. Our core activity consists in the production of mixes and powder products for preparing special types of bread, baking improvers, pastry creams and sweet baked goods.

In Italy we operate through a network of area agents and wholesalers. In the market our company enjoys a reputation for reliability and high quality products. Our company's motto has always been: "Siding with quality".

We seek commercial partners abroad capable of distributing products which can meet the exigent demands of the market and producers concerned about quality and the qualitative consistency of their products.

In the design and production of our products we take great care to ensure prompt compliance with the main regulatory provisions concerning workplace safety, HAACP, batch traceability, GMO-free production and the protection of privacy.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2000 and accredited for the production of organic mixes. But above all we are a company headed by a great family that carry out their work with passion, as is demonstrated by the products they make.


Eska snc di Scucchiaro Lino & C.

  •  Indirizzo: via Degli Artigiani, n. 23/25/27
     35042 ESTE (Padova)
  •  P.IVA/C.F.: 01028690285